Brandon Plyler

Edmund's Oast Exchange

Brandon's big dreams of being a Master Sommelier were thwarted by the gift of Garrett Oliver's The Brewmaster's Table. After reading everything he could get his hands on, he began (officially) teaching class at The Culinary Institute at Trident Technical College along with several other classroom ventures, both public and private.

In 2017, he became an Advanced Cicerone®, the first on in the state of SC. He now teaches classes for those interested in taking the second level Cicerone exam. He continues to bore people with obscure beer information that he pontificates purely to bolster his own ego. Currently he manages the beer program at Edmund's Oast and Edmund’s Oast Exchange, and loves to answer questions in person, all the while despising the word "expert." He also handles the staff (beer) training at Edmund's Oast as their Beer Educator and frequently teaches beer school there. He has lived in Charleston since 2008 and marvels at how far beer has come in a region not known for fast changes. #fuplyler

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