Ryan Casey

Ryan Casey, whose bartending resume ranges from dive bar whiskey slinger to high end Manhattan stirrer, has called Charleston home for the past 7 years. Before joining the opening team at The Dewberry as Bar Manager Casey’s accolades began while working at local restaurant favorite FIG under Mike Lata and Adam Nemirow. From there he moved to McCrady’s under Sean Brock and participated in the Charleston portion of the international chef gathering Cook It Raw. Among the national praise Casey has received was a write up in Imbibe Magazine, he was toted as one of the best 25 bartenders in the country by The Daily Meal, chosen as one of the twenty best new Mixologists by Food & Wine Magazine, and was a contributor to the Food & Wine 2015 Cocktail book. He has a weak spot for frozen drinks served in coconuts, and a love for meticulously prepared classics.

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